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Shortlisted: 8 Restaurants In Fowey That Locals Love!

Fowey is a small piece of Cornish heaven at the mouth of the River Fowey. Soak up the sea, walk along the coastline and eat wholesome Cornish food while you are in town.

From Michelin Guide restaurants to quirky pubs, Fowey has it all. And it seems that everything you eat here is either grown in the Cornish countryside or caught within just a few kilometers from the Cornish coastline.

So, let’s dive into some of our favourite restaurants in Fowey, the gorgeous medieval coastal town with a surprisingly impressive cuisine scene.

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1. Pintxo

Looking for some tasty tapas and sherry? That’s exactly what Pintxo was created for.

Bringing a taste of Spain right to Cornwall’s doorstep, this easy-going and chill restaurant is the setting to make some cherished memories and engorge yourself in Fowey. 

As for the food, it is impossible not to love their Manchego cheese and orange blossom honey tapas. They’re all the rage, and for good reason: they have a distinct flavour that’s a superior blend of sweet and tangy.

From their hot tapas, the albondigas (meatballs) that are smothered in a sharp, spicy, and smokey tomato sauce are fantastic. Not to forget the super tender calamares with a hit of cayenne pepper – a staple tapas in Spain.

Top your meal off with their wide selection of sherry and Spanish wines. We recommend the crisp and light Txakolí de Getaria Rosé and Manzanilla en Rama with a salty tang and a long nutty finish, exquisite for summer.

Our advice: go with a large group of people and order every single option off the menu for the proper tapas and sherry escapade.

There is no need to make a reservation, just pop in between 12pm-9pm, Mondays-Sundays for the best tapas in Cornwall at one of the best restaurants in Fowey.

Address: 38 Esplanade, Fowey PL23 1HZ


2. The Old Quay House

For one of the finest dining experiences and the most spectacular outdoor seating in Fowey, you can’t do better than The Old Quay House.

With its addition to the Michelin Guide, it’s certain you will to have a magical dinner here. Serving colourful and gracefully presented contemporary British meals, one favourite is the juicy and hearty pork tenderloin with spiced carrot, apple puree, cider sauce and hog pudding.

Another popular dish is the poached Cornish hake that has the softest texture with a slightly sweet flavour, served with cauliflower, brown shrimp, samphire, and spring onion. The hake’s synergy with the brown shrimp’s firmness and slight saltiness is a terrific match.

We recommend a Pinot Noir red wine, which adds that ripe and fruity flavour with hints of spice to your palate that surprises and ties together your whole meal.

End with a fabulous dessert such as the white chocolate and raspberry tart with a crunchy biscuit base, heavenly chocolate ganache, and a tangy and smooth raspberry filling—makes your mouth water just thinking about it.

Book beforehand, dinner at The Old Quay House is served between 6:00–9:00pm.

Address: 28 Fore St, Fowey PL23 1AQ

Accommodation The Old Quay House Deck VO 1

3. Sam’s Fowey

This restaurant is not only known for its amazing food but also for its lively atmosphere that is full of character and pizzazz. 

Situated right beside the River Fowey and offering a delightful view, Sam’s doesn’t fail to further captivate thanks to its retro-chic interior. With homage to Americana posters and pop memorabilia plastered all over the stone walls, alongside the green and pink striped seating, this place sure feels like a blast from the past.

When it comes to their menu, the Thai Tempura Red Mullet is a straight yes and a popular choice. It is battered with garlic, chili, ginger, and coriander pesto and served with a sweet chilli sauce. The perfect start to your journey of annihilating food in the best way possible.

As for the seafood and shellfish classics you can get here, we recommend the bouillabaisse, a rich fish stew with mussels, cod, calamari, red mullet, prawns, and crevettes. With a depth of flavour in the broth and perfectly cooked seafood, the bouillabaisse is fragrant and hearty with each bite. What was once considered a cheap meal for famished French fishermen is now eaten as a feast suited for royalty.

Then tie up your delicious meal with a delicious drink from Sam’s vast beverage menu. Make sure you choose a lighter wine to complement the bouillabaisse. We recommend going for a Sauvignon Blanc for a crisp and clean taste. For other options, maybe choose a Provence rose wine or a white wine, both of which help accentuate the bouillabaisse’s regional flavors. 

You can experience the best seafood in Fowey from Mondays through Sundays from 12-9pm.

Address: 20 Fore St, Fowey PL23 1AQ


4. Fowey Harbour Kitchen

The absolutely gorgeous view that this restaurant provides, one of the best in Fowey, almost makes you completely lose sight of ordering food. The stunning, crystal-clear windows that showcase the estuary; wooden floors that are a testament to classic seaside architecture; and a sophisticated coastal interior with whitewashed walls and eye-catching blue décor give the restaurant an open and airy vibe that will round out your idyllic vacation.

Fear not, though! It is possible to fight off the views and proceed with ordering. Good job too as Fowey Harbour Kitchen serve fantastic traditional English cuisine with a modern aesthetic.

From their lunch menu, which is served between 12pm and 2:30pm Monday through Saturday, we recommend the confit duck leg, slow-cooked in duck fat with sweet young peas, lettuce, bacon, and mint, achieving delicious tender meat and golden crispy skin. It sounds quite simple, but trust us, that duck has no problem shining on its own.

It won’t even matter that the sun is still out and it’s too early for a drink; pairing an acidic wine is a must with this dish. We recommend a white burgundy or pinot noir. Both excellent aromatic choices that cut through the duck fat and richness with their tannic taste, finishing with a tinge of acidity and citrus.

Another main course choice would be the spinach and ricotta ravioli with buffalo ricotta, green pesto, and toasted hazelnuts. It’s the ultimate comfort food with its thin pasta and exceptionally seasoned well filling, all topped up with butter and sage sauce. It is simple, delicious, and satisfying.

For the wine drinkers, pair your dish with a sauvignon blanc, keeping the flavour bright and refreshing. And if you can’t make it for lunch between these tight hours, visit them on a Sunday. They serve lunch on Sunday from 12pm-3pm.

Address: Esplanade, Fowey PL23 1HX


5. The Lifebuoy Café

Having breakfast at this café is going to be the best start to your day in Fowey. This endearing and quaint little café will undoubtedly brighten up your day, making it even ideal for those non-morning people.

The interior has personal touches in each tiny corner, and is filled with bric-a-bracs, mismatched furniture, and an open kitchen you can peak right into that makes you feel as if you are impatiently waiting at the dining table for breakfast at your friend’s home. That might as well be the case because of their very friendly and likeable staff.

Their traditional Cornish breakfast, with your usual eggs, sausages, hog’s pudding, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, bread, beans, and bacon, is obligatory to order, with, of course, a pot of hot tea.

Since you woke up so early, rewarding yourself with their huge slab of Victoria sponge – which has a lovely buttery flavour and is served with whipped cream, a sweet buttercream, and a raspberry jam filling – is customary. And if you didn’t wake up early, we won’t tell!

This is also one of the most dog-friendly cafes and restaurants in Fowey too! We don’t think we need to say more.

If you are a tourist looking to get the best Cornish breakfast and hospitality in Fowey, visit The Lifebuoy Café between 9:30am and 14:30pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Address: 8 Lostwithiel Street, Fowey PL23 1BD

The lifebuay cafe

6. Appleton’s

A Michelin Guide selection in Fowey, Appleton’s a worthy contender which you should rush towards if you’re looking for European cuisine with heart and soul. 

You wouldn’t expect anything less from their chef and owner, Andy Appleton, a self-taught chef who gained inspiration and his culinary skills by travelling the world, particularly Italy. To further impress you, Andy was a Head Chef at Fifteen Cornwall, a restaurant run by celeb chef Jamie Oliver.

The backbone of Appleton’s is its rustic Italian dishes with integration of contemporary ideas, all in all creating something unique for you to experience.

From their dinner menu, the Tagliatelle with black truffle, mushroom ragu and parmesan is heavenly. The thin, creamy, and buttery pasta is the earthy black truffle sauce’s soulmate that will transport to you Umbria, Italy.

Pair this elegant dish with the perfect wine from Appleton’s beautiful bar that holds a selection of predominantly Italian wines. We recommend a Barolo, which is a famous wine to pair with truffle. Or surprise your tastebuds with Corton Rouge red wine that augments the earthiness of the black truffle.

Other recommendations include their flaky and glistening olive oil poached cod with preserved lemon, potato, tenderstem and almonds. Pair this dish with a lively and full-bodied wine with a zingy citrus finish like Livio Felluga Sharis Friuli.

Be sure to make your reservations for Appleton’s which is open for lunch from midday; and dinner from 5:30pm Monday-Saturday. This is easily one of the best restaurants in Fowey.

Address: 19, Fore Street, Fowey PL23 1AH


7. Sunny Spice

Here’s the itinerary: After admiring the art at Fowey River Gallery, head down to Sunny Spice for some incredible South Indian food in Fowey, fused with European and Western techniques. 

From their menu, we are fully obsessed with their mixed platter containing a combination of pahadi kebab, chicken tikka, malai tikka, salmon tikka, and lamb chops.

You really haven’t experienced BBQ until you have had Indian BBQ. The platter they do here is so succulent and has a very balanced kick of spiciness.

But from their classics, the beef vindaloo with an order of naan is a top pick. It’s intensely spicy (to the non-spice eaters, you have been warned) and has a prominent vinegar and garlic flavour with an aroma of toasted spices.

A fantastic vegetarian choice is the bindi bhaji, which is okra cooked in Indian curry spices, onions and tomatoes, making it so palatable. Another being chana masala, which is chickpeas cooked with all the myriad of spices with the end result of a thick, stew-like texture that just gives you solace like none other. They are both healthy dishes that don’t taste just healthy and boring—how marvellous does that sound?

Sunny Spice is open Monday-Sunday from 12pm-2pm and 5pm-10pm.

Address: 39A Fore Street, Fowey PL23 1AH

Sunny Spice

8. The Lugger Inn

The Lugger Inn is one of the best when it comes to home cooked food made with love in Fowey. This adorable pub is located on the most charming and almost movie set-like street, so it’s superb for popping in for cold drinks and hearty English grub with friends.

First things first, order yourself a refreshing and well-kept St. Austell cold beer and make sure to order from their specials board. It doesn’t matter what you choose, we’re sure it will put a big smile on your face. However, for some specifics, we recommend their fish pie, filled up to the brim with white fish, prawns, and salmon, with the ultimate sensational crispy golden potato and cheese top.

If you thought reading that was a mouthful, you will be surprised when you feast your eyes on their generous portions.

Speaking of mouthfuls, their crab sandwich is a definite try, which again is a massive portion and packed with the most gorgeous and flavoursome crab.

Their menu also offers vegetarian and vegan options; and a special mention goes to their vegan Mediterranean tart.

Lugger Inn’s ambiance and food are nothing but a warm Cornish welcome. Join them for a laid-back day in Fowey. They are open Monday-Sunday 12:00pm-11:00pm.

Address: 5 Fore Street, Fowey PL23 1AH

The Best Restaurants In Fowey: Our Final Thoughts

So, when you’re on your staycation, make sure you try these wonderful Fowey restaurants that offer the best of Cornwall as well as some delicious options from around the world with a Cornish twist.

Fowey often has foodie events and if you keep watching the town’s official website, you might even score some special offers.

And if you decided to visit Fowey because you are a big fan of Daphne du Maurier, visit Shrew Books. It is an independent bookstore that offers the best of Cornish literature, and is just walking distance from The Lugger Inn and some of our other favourite restaurants in Fowey. Enjoy your trip!

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