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Best Spots to Watch the Sunset in Fowey

Is there anything more beautiful to experience on holiday than a glorious sunset? Beautiful and inspirational, sunsets refresh us and give us the feeling of being renewed and reset. A breathtaking sunset sweeping across the sky with its blazing colours is a romantic sight, making even the least poetic among us feel our souls stirring. When it comes to romantic sunsets, Cornwall is one of the best spots in the UK to view them.

The North Coast gets the most attention, and certainly, it has gorgeous sunsets on beaches like Holywell, Magwan Porth, and Summerleaze, or from the cliffs atop the Bedruthan Steps. The South Coast of Cornwall is gentler than the North Coast, quieter and less dramatic, but it has some stunning sunsets just the same. Here, we offer some suggestions of the very best Cornwall sunset spots on the South Coast, specifically in Fowey.

Fowey Sunset Viewpoints

We could be humble and fail to mention that one of the best sunset locations Fowey has to offer is The Old Quay House, but we would not want to deprive you of this incredible experience.

  • Our restaurant has a unique terrace overlooking the estuary, with gorgeous views no matter what time you visit. Relaxing on the terrace at sunset is particularly exquisite, though, as you dine on fine cuisine or sip a glass of wine while enjoying the view. It is not the only fine place to watch the setting sun in Fowey, though.
  • If you feel like taking a scenic hike, travel the South Coast Path down to Gribbin Head, and you will be rewarded with outstanding sunset views.
  • For a less strenuous walk, visit the Quiet Garden, a serene escape in the heart of Fowey, on the grounds of the Old Grammer School. Not only is this a beautiful garden to explore, but the spectacular views of Fowey’s waterfront are unmatched.
  • About a little 20-minute walk from The Old Quay House Hotel is St. Catherine’s Castle, a 16th-century castle ruin with more astonishing views of the estuary.
  • Another wonderful place to watch the sunset is Polruan, just across the estuary. Take the ferry to this charming fishing village to see the sunset- and Fowey- from a slightly different vantage point.

On another note, here is a fascinating fact that you might not know about Fowey: the sunrise is at least as beautiful as the sunset. The dawn creeps along the Fowey Estuary, dancing languidly into the serene harbour and kissing this lovely seaside town. The quaint cottages are bathed in a golden glow and the masts and sails of the boats in the harbour sparkle. If you are lucky enough to be awake for a Fowey sunrise, wander through the streets, embracing the quiet before the day begins, appreciating the sheer joy and magic of a sunrise stroll.

Fowey Sunset Viewpoints

Enjoying a Sunset Further Afield

Fowey is a small town, but one thing that is wonderful about it is that it is perfectly situated to be your home base while you explore more of the South Coast of Cornwall. There are plentiful sunsets, as well, and if you feel so inclined, you can watch the sun setting from a different idyllic locale every night of your stay without ever going further than a two-hour drive from The Old Quay House Hotel.

Begin with Whitsand Bay, to the east, a hidden gem reached by steep steps from the verdant cliffs above. It is a beautiful place to stroll during the day and an excellent place to surf, but at sunset, it has a special kind of magical appeal, where the drama in the sky meets the serenity of the sea.

If you head west from the Old Quay House, into Falmouth, you will find Gyllyngvase Beach, affectionately called Gylly Beach by the locals, a family-friendly beach off the South Coast Path, with stunning views and gorgeous sunsets.

Chase the sunset further west, into West Cornwall, and you will find St. Michael’s Mount, where you can enjoy this landmark, which looks cinematic, any time of day. At sunset, though, it is best to find a good spot on Marazion Beach to enjoy the full glory that awaits.

Still further to the west, you can visit the picturesque fishing port of Mousehole, where colourful boats bob on the water, sloping houses give a fairytale air, olde-worlde charm abounds, and the serene water offers a calm and inviting ambience.

Settle in and enjoy your evening, complete with a magnificent sunset. If you want to reach the westernmost point of Cornwall, keep going until you arrive at Land’s End. There, you will find a coastal landscape that is beyond breathtaking, and the absolute best place to watch a sunset. It does not even matter if the weather is fine or a storm is raging; the dramatic scenery at Land’s End makes for an impressive sunset, with 200-foot-high granite cliffs rising out of the Atlantic Ocean to separate the sea from the sky, breaking the softness with stark, rugged contrast.

Explore Cornwall and Come Home to the Old Quay House Hotel

These are far from the only places to enjoy a superb sunset in this charming part of the world, and we hope that you will find a few new favourites of your own as you explore. We highly recommend making Fowey your holiday base of operations, as you enjoy all that South Cornwall has to offer.

In a beautifully picturesque location at 28 Fore Street, Fowey, Cornwall, The Old Quay House Hotel is the perfect place for making memories from sunrise to sunset. Nestled in the heart of Fowey, this riverside boutique hotel offers a modern-day bolthole away from life’s stresses and chores. Check with us for special offers, and we will do everything in our power to make your stay even more special. Stay in one of our 13 luxurious bedrooms and you will enjoy not only big comfy beds and every amenity you need for a decadent stay, but also five-course meals and exquisite estuary views.

Our location is perfect for exploring the quaint, bustling, seaside town of Fowey, enjoying its cafes, boutiques, and galleries, and our restaurant is one of the most popular in the area. There, you will enjoy fine dining, with delectable menus for breakfast, lunch, afternoon high tea, and dinner, in a gorgeous setting, where you can watch life on the estuary unfold from your vantage point on the terrace.

In a town set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we strive to provide each of our guests with a unique experience. Once a refuge for sailors, The Old Quay House is deeply connected to the area’s history, and the character of each bedroom is meticulously crafted to tell its own story, in keeping with that rich tradition. In our Victorian building, you will find friendly staff ready to make your stay comfortable and memorable, and while we cannot accommodate children under the age of 8, in most cases we welcome well-behaved, friendly dogs. Call ahead to make sure that your canine companion is allowed with your package.  For more information about our accommodation, special offers, or our spectacular restaurant, call +44 0172 683 3302, email [email protected], or contact us through our website.

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