Who cares whether it’s local?

Sustainable, local, green, ethical, locally-sourced – all big words but who actually cares or knows what they mean? Should we be giving more thought to the food we’re putting in our mouths? Or is it all simply a con to make us pay more for the food we eat?

We took to the narrow Cornish streets of picturesque Fowey to ask passers-by what they thought. Here’s what they had to say:

Would you prefer a restaurant to have local produce on its menu?

“Yes! I like my food fresh and grown locally, not something that’s flown in from abroad. It tastes better too. There’s nothing quite like a succulent Ruby Red Steak over the more common Angus, it shows that the restaurant is prepared to push boundaries and that’s exciting. Straight from the farm and onto my plate, that’s how I like my meat.” (giggles!)

Would you pay more for food that’s locally-sourced?

“I’m happy to pay more for food that’s unique to an area like Rodda’s renowned clotted cream here in Cornwall. A (generous) dollop on a warm fruit scone straight out of the oven is a match made in heaven. And knowing it’s made down the road from where you’re eating it – magnificent! I’m all about supporting the local economy!”

We breathed a sigh of relief and collective a ‘whoop’ on finding that people share our belief of sourcing the best local produce the West Country has to offer. From our intensely sticky toffee pudding oozing with thick Trewithen caramel sauce to the mouth-watering chardonnay ripened on Devon’s sunny hillsides, our brigade of talented chefs create exciting, inviting dishes to tempt and indulge you.

Our soft fresh bread is baked every morning in the town bakery, our fish caught off the Cornish coast daily, and our seasonal vegetables plucked from the region’s plentiful fields just at the right time. When time allows, chef goes food foraging for seasonal ingredients like wild garlic growing on the hillside near Readymoney beach.

Wild garlic

So, who cares whether it’s local? It would seem quite a lot of us! This big food trend of 2012 has everyone excited, us in particular. We’re keeping our food local, tasty, fresh, fruity, and nice and simple – like the French style of living. Want to know how to really immerse yourself in the relaxed lifestyle? Stay in one of our stylish boutique rooms with panoramic views over the water and enjoy a well deserved break. Take me there now.