The lowdown on Burns Night with our head chef Richard

On 25 January, our head chef Richard will be taking inspiration from his roots with a Scottish-themed menu in celebration of Burns Night.

Richard, who was born in Scotland and worked there for many years, has developed a seven course tasting menu of Scottish classics, with whisky pairings.

We had a chat with him about Burns Night and what guests can expect…

What does Burns Night mean to Scottish people?

“It’s a celebration of Robert Burns, who is often regarded as the national poet of Scotland. It’s become a tradition in Scotland to teach young people about him and the history connected with him, and to celebrate his life with a special supper on his birthday, 25 January.”

What food is traditionally eaten on Burns Night?

“Haggis is always the main element of the Burns Night supper. Everyone stands as it is brought in by the cook, followed by the ‘address to a haggis’ – a ceremonial speech given before the haggis is dished up. It’s a real sight to behold.”

What can we expect from your Burns Night supper menu?

“For me, the night will be about taking the classic dishes, but adding a slightly modern touch. Haggis, neeps and tatties will of course make an appearance, as will kedgeree, Cullen skink and stovies.

“And the menu will of course be finished with cranachan.”

How do you go about pairing whisky with a dish?

“Whisky is a very hard one to match, but it’s just as important as wine/food pairing.

“Whisky has a very strong distinct taste of course, and it can vary greatly depending on the region it is produced – some smokey, some vanilla and honey notes.

“When it comes to pairing it with food, it’s all about experimenting to find something that works.

“We’ve all worked hard on making sure the tipples match the dishes nicely, and are looking forward to sharing the pairings with our guests.”

Hotel and restaurant manager Brandon has been in charge of selecting the whisky that will be served. Here’s his take on what to expect:

“We have created an interesting and exciting pairing for Burns Night. Working with Richard we have been able to identify whisky that fully complements the food, enhancing the dining and tasting experience further.

“There is a particular whisky on the list that Richard will know very well – Talisker Skye, from the Isle of Skye where Richard worked and lived for many years. This unique island will always have fond memories for Richard, and this whisky will bring them all flooding back. This smokey and spicy single malt will be one of the favourites on the night.

“Furthermore, we will be sampling the Glenmorangie Signet, fantastic with deserts due to its mocha and chocolate notes.”

Places are available, priced at £50 per person. Contact us now to bag your place.