Rooms, The Old Quay House Hotel

How to recreate the Old Quay House look at home

Have you ever fallen for a painting, one-of-a-kind fabric or the latest accessory somewhere and wished you could have taken it home with you?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had our own interior design fairy to follow us around making a shopping list of all the gorgeous things we’ve spotted? Wishful thinking? Maybe not! For one day only we’re stepping into our glittering stylist shoes to bring you the ‘what’ and the ‘where from’ for some of our guests’ favourite pieces around The Old Quay House.

You know by now that we love distinctive, striking furnishings, anything that adds a touch of glamour. All our rooms are unique in their design and decor with stylish furnishings that have been handpicked with the room in mind.

“We love the idea that each suite has a different style as we now need to try another!”
Julia & John

If you enjoyed a swanky cocktail in the bar before dinner, then you might remember relaxing on the Jenny Wren black and white sofas. Jenny Wren specialise in chaise longues and also make bespoke furniture to customers own specifications. They’ll work with you to match colours and fabrics to your existing decor. Tip: you can choose your own fabric so have a shop around before you buy. We love the fabrics available from Casamance.

Jenny Wren Couch

On a floor of its own, in the privacy of the penthouse, the glass desk and coffee table add to the spacious living area’s light and airy feel. We wouldn’t want to draw attention away from those amazing estuary views now would we! Moving into the bedroom, the impressive white and black padded headboard was specially commissioned for us by Eton Design and makes reading a book at the end of a relaxing day uber-comfortable!

Penthouse headboard

When you’re curled up reading the paper, balcony doors open, breathing in the fresh sea air, a super-soft cashmere throw to keep your feet cosy is just what you need. We sourced ours from John Lewis, but The White Company also stock some luxurious featherweight-cashmere throws that we’re dying to get our hands on!

You won’t see our regal King and Queen plaques in every boutique hotel in Cornwall. They’re unique and unusual – two things we love. They’re by Sid Dickens and each tile is handcrafted by talented artisans. Even the delicate job of gold and silver leafing is done by hand. We think they inject sparkle onto any wall or door.

Sid Dickens Plaque

A relaxing weekend in a luxury hotel in Cornwall and peace and quiet go hand in hand. Our elegant hanging glass ‘shh’ signs were created to give you uninterrupted time to enjoy the tranquil setting beside the water. They were made by one of the world’s most prominent fused glass designers, Jo Downs. Her creativity is sparked by the Cornish seaside and inspired her to create the ‘Cornish Pilchards’ range.

ssh sign

So that’s it, you know all our design secrets (well, we might have kept one or two to ourselves). Have we missed something you really loved? Leave your comments below and we’ll share our interior design know-how.

Happy Shopping!